Longfield care home under threat

16 October 2014 – for immediate release

Threat to Surrey’s Care Homes

The six remaining residential care homes for older people that are still maintained by Surrey County Council (SCC) are under threat, including Longfield in Cranleigh. At the SCC Cabinet on 21 October councillors will be asked to begin the process of closing them down and transferring hundreds of elderly vulnerable residents to privately run care homes.

Labour’s Richard Wilson said, “As life expectancy increases, we need to think more about how older people are cared for. We need decent, dignified, safe care for our mums and dads. I hope Surrey County Council are not considering washing their hands of this responsibility. Moving residents will be very traumatic for them, even the prospect of their homes closing will cause great distress to many vulnerable people. I am saddened that after raising our Council Tax repeatedly and awarding councillors bumper pay rises the Council claim they cannot find the money to maintain and improve these homes.”

If the Cabinet follows the recommendation next Tuesday, a consultation process will start and the final decision will be taken next February. SCC owns 30 care homes for older people but the running of 24 have been transferred to the private sector. The remaining 6 are:

6 care homes

In addition to the permanent residents, in the table above, there are around 89 “respite” residents who live there temporarily to give their carers at home some time off.

Around 500 staff work in the care homes.

The GMB union will be lobbying councillors on Tuesday 21 October from 1pm outside the front of County Hall , Kingston ahead of the cabinet meeting at 2pm.


Note 1: Richard Wilson is Labour’s Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Guildford constituency, which includes Cranleigh.

Richard Wilson

Note 2: This issue is item 16 on the Cabinet agenda for 21 Oct: http://mycouncil.surreycc.gov.uk/ieListDocuments.aspx?CId=120&MId=3690&Ver=4

Note 3: The table above comes from this document: http://mycouncil.surreycc.gov.uk/documents/s17356/item%2016%20-%20SCC%20In%20House%20Residential%20Care%20Homes%20for%20Older%20People.pdf


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Use your Cranleigh West Postal Vote today

If you are a Cranleigh West voters with a Postal Vote- now’s the time to act! Vote for Lynda MacDermott , a fresh face on Cranleigh Parish council!


Lynda has lived in Cranleigh for almost 30 years. She has two grown up sons and 4 grandchildren and is an elected member of the Co-operative Group for Surrey.

She’s an active member of the community. She chairs Cranleigh Patients’ Participation Group and is a member of the Fairtrade steering group. Presently she is involved as a volunteer in drawing up Cranleigh’s Neighbourhood plan on the Economy working group.

Why am I standing?

“I am taking part in this election because our village stands at an important crossroads in its development. I want to use the co-operative values of social responsibility and self-help to get the kind of village we need, with balanced development that includes housing accessible to all, opportunities for local business to develop and the necessary infrastructures and supports to flourish and grow.

Another co-operative value is democracy. I believe that everyone should be encouraged to participate in decisions that affect their lives. Specifically today, I want people to have their say about what we can do with the infrastructure levy – a levy on developers which we can use to add the amenities we want for our village.  I want to enable people to participate in the discussions and in return I promise to keep them in touch with what’s going on”

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Cranleigh Labour Party Force Council By-election

Waverley Borough Council’s Electoral Services staff have confirmed that a petition organised by the Cranleigh Branch of the Guildford Labour Party has been successful in forcing a by-election. The election will fill a vacancy on Cranleigh Parish Council created by the resignation of a councillor.

Richard Wilson talking to voters in Cranleigh

Richard Wilson talking to voters in Cranleigh

Labour have forced this election because people in Cranleigh parish are not being well represented by the council. Parish councils are gaining new powers and if they don’t use them in the interests of local residents then developers could devastate the area. New homes are badly needed and it is essential they are in the right place and supported by appropriate, sustainable infrastructure.

At Cranleigh's market

At Cranleigh’s market

Labour’s 2015 parliamentary candidate for the Guildford constituency (which includes Cranleigh), Richard Wilson, said, “The Surrey countryside is a green and pleasant land which must be passed on as an inheritance to the next generation. Similarly, we must ensure future residents of Cranleigh have somewhere affordable to bring up their families. Only Labour will stop rapacious big developers from trashing the green spaces of the parish.

In Cranleigh village centre

In Cranleigh village centre

Only Labour will create a community accessible to young families and respectful of the elderly too.”

Waverley Borough Council will soon be issuing a Notice of Election detailing the timetable for the election.


Note: Richard Wilson is available on richard@guildfordlabour.org or 07939 273229 or Twitter @RichardWLabour

Guildford Labour Party is on Facebook at Facebook.com/GuildfordLabour

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Campaign Day 15 May 2014

One week before polling day for the 2014 European Parliament elections we will be listening to voters in Cranleigh and explaining why it is so important to vote on 22 May. The European Union is a beacon of peace and prosperity for oppressed people across the world. Countries in Europe cooperate instead of fighting each other. By doing so, they all prosper.

The European Union ensures a base level of workers’ rights and consumer protection. All members and big companies trading here have to meet or exceed this level. Ukip’s plan for the UK to leave the EU will isolate us and force us to compete in a race to the bottom. We would have a low skill, low wage economy undercutting states with protection for workers. Workplaces would be more dangerous, people could be sacked at will and paid leave would be a thing of the past. Cutting “red tape” means giving employers more power over workers and that is why we need to stay within the EU and fight to make it fairer.

Our parliamentary candidate for 2015, Richard Wilson, will be leading a campaign day in Cranleigh on 15 May. We will be meeting shoppers at the market and delivering our message to the doorsteps of England’s largest village.

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

As a committed campaigner on the environment, Richard will be listening to voters’ concerns about the loss of open countryside and the threat of climate change. Driving action on carbon emissions in the EU is the only way to reduce the impact of climate change globally. If the EU disintegrates, so will efforts to reduce carbon emissions. This will mean catastrophic floods and mass displacement of populations.

Being part of the EU and influencing its direction is in the best interests of the people of Cranleigh and of Britain. Come to Cranleigh on 15 May and speak to Richard about Europe or any other issue.

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Ukip Don’t Share Cranleigh’s Values

photo RWMy name is Richard Wilson and I was recently selected to be Labour’s parliamentary candidate for the constituency of Guildford which includes Cranleigh. I am a 42-year old airline Captain and I have lived in Surrey for 14 years. In 2015 I will be asking voters here to trust me with their votes to be their next MP. It is a great honour for me to represent Cranleigh albeit only as a candidate at this stage.

1743520_10151948116012411_838760583_nAs the largest village in England, Cranleigh has the advantages and disadvantages of both villages and towns. The roads cannot cope with the current traffic levels, never mind projected future car traffic. House prices are unaffordable for young families. Household bills like electricity, gas, rent and child care are rocketing but wages can’t keep up. Our environment is under threat from unsustainable development and now dangerous fracking for gas. Like everywhere in England, the NHS is under attack. Every part of it is deteriorating under the Conservative-led government. Waiting times are rising in A&E, to see a GP, for cancer treatment, just like in the 1980s.

1959790_10151948116077411_310728833_nFrom speaking to people in Cranleigh, I believe Labour values are part of life here. Villagers want hope for young people here, to buy a home, to have a job that pays a decent wage, high quality state education and free child care. As a country, we desperately need more homes built. We need affordable housing for families and smaller homes for the elderly to be able to downsize to. Labour has pledged to build 200,000 new homes per year in the UK.

10151806_10151948116027411_473796628_nIn Cranleigh, this needs to be combined with sustainable transportation and other infrastructure. Conservative Surrey County Council just raised Council Tax by the maximum allowed for the third year running. They underspent their education budget so many parents are finding they can’t get any of their choices of school places for their children. The state of the roads in Surrey would shame a third world country.

farageSince Cranleigh, and Ewhurst, share Labour’s values of a fair and tolerant society, why are there two Ukip councillors here? Well, the voters didn’t elect them. They became Ukippers after being elected. Like many right-wing parties across Europe, Ukip are pushing xenophobic buttons. The National Front in France recently made gains in council elections. The anti-Semitic Geert Wilders in the Netherlands and the nationalist True Finns in Finland are just a couple of examples.

However, I believe Ukip’s rhetoric won’t work in Cranleigh. We’re better than that. The sensible voters here will see through their attempts to whip up the worst in people. On 22 May 2014, everyone will be able to vote to elect our next MEPs to represent the South East in Brussels. Every vote will count in the proportional representation system used for this election. A Labour vote in Cranleigh will count as much as a Labour vote in Reading or Brighton or Slough.

The last date to register to vote, if you are not already on the electoral roll, is 6 May. You can apply for a postal vote up until 7 May.

Please use your vote to show that Ukip don’t share Cranleigh’s values.


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